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excerpt of improvised piano duo with Sebastian Lexer

Labyrinthine with Lucy Duncombe and Anneke Kampman, Tectonics Festival, Glasgow
Kindly supported by Creative Scotland
Hospitalfield residency, Arbroath
Kindly supported by the Hope Scott Trust and Creative Scotland
Duo with Ute Kanngiesser at INTERLACE, iklectic, London
solo V by Jakob Ullmann, Kontraklang, Berlin
Labyrinthine with Lucy Duncombe and Anneke Kampman, the other the self,
La Monnaie | De Munt (National Opera of Belgium), Brussels

Wolf Notes #8: Traces

Q-O2 residency, Brussels (2015)

solo V by Jakob Ullmann (world premiere) Courtisane Festival, Ghent (2015)

How to Make Two Outfits Out of One Battersea Arts Centre, London (2014)  Kindly supported by PRS Women Make Music

n s m b l perform son imaginaire III by Jakob Ullmann (French premiere), Eglise Saint-Merry, Paris (2014)

Instrument Identities University of East Anglia, premiere of Traces for piano and live electronics (2014)

Directions for Taking Control Freshly Scratched, Battersea Arts Centre, London (2014)

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival n s m b l perform son imaginaire III by Jakob Ullmann (world premiere)

July Mountain by Michael Pisaro at The Roundchapel, London

Eighth Biennial International Conference on Music Since 1900 presenting Virtuosity, Gender and New Music

MuSA 2013 presenting The Role of Virtuosity in Electroacoustic Performance with Sebastian Lexer

INTERLACE London, trio with Ute Kanngiesser and Angharad Davies

Neue Töne Open 2012 Stuttgart, with Lawrence Williams

SUPPEDANEUM: Accidents of Matter or of Space

another timbre: Wandelweiser und so weiter

BBC Radio 4: music for The Table by Katie Burningham

Wolf Notes #4: Instrumental Indifference

SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM: Virtuosity, Gender and New Music

Compost and Height: Earle Brown December 1952 with Lawrence Williams

Neue Töne Open 2011 Stuttgart, with Lawrence Williams

The Early Music Experiment: Tissue for piano and pure tones (2011)

SPILL Festival of Performance: live score for All Erasable (2011)

Living Room in London at LSO St. Luke's: VII for mixed ensemble, sine tones and electronics (2010)



The Early Music Experiment: Sustain|Decay for piano and electronics (2009)

Three Pieces for Clarinet and Sine Tones using Antescofo (2009)

another timbre: The Seen

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